Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet Book: A Review

The Dukan Diet book was first published in France in 2000. It was another decade before the first English version of the paperback was available but since its publication in 2010, it has proved to be a huge hit with people who are looking for a new way to lose weight.

The Dukan Diet Book: Contents

The book begins with an introduction to Dr Pierre Dukan, his work and the experiences that led him to create his diet plan. This is followed by a description of the four-step plan, how we need proteins, how our bodies process proteins and why a protein rich diet works.

The more interesting sections are the Dukan Diet in Practice chapters of the book. Here, Dr Dukan explains in detail the four steps, what you can and cannot eat and how long you should remain on each phase of the diet. It is recommended that you read these chapters in detail so that you are prepared for what is to follow if you continue with the Dukan Diet.

The largest of these chapters is set aside to explain the attack phase of the diet. The attack phase is the shortest of the four phases, lasting at most ten days, but the principles you learn during this stage are used throughout the remainder of the diet. Dr Dukan explains the various food types you are allowed to eat. During the attack phase you are allowed 72 different foods, which are listed out later in the book. You are also allowed extras in the form of oat ban, herbs and spices that you use to enhance the flavour of your meals.

The next phases of the diet are described in detail along with an explanation of why they are important. The Dukan Diet is not just about losing weight. It is also about keeping the weight off forever, which is why a prospective dieter must understand the latter two phases of the diet, consolidation and stabilisation.

The Dukan Diet Book: Recipes

There are a number of recipes detailed in the book for the attack and cruise phases of the diet. The recipes are simple to follow and are divided into meat, poultry and egg dishes, making it easy to find a recipe to suit your tastes.

The recipes provide a good introduction to the diet although if you are serious about doing the Dukan Diet, buying the accompanying recipe book is a good idea as it has many more pages menus that will satisfy most tastes.

Reading a diet book can be hard work and it is easy just to skim through it. However, as the Dukan Diet is about a lifestyle change as much as a diet, it is worthwhile taking some time to read it to understand the diet prior to starting it. The book is easy to read and Dr Dukan makes it fun and interesting, throwing in many of his experiences as a nutritionist. The Dukan Diet book is essential reading for those who are considering going on the diet and also for those who are part way through but may be losing their way.

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