Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase: How to Survive

I am midway through the cruise phase of the Dukan Diet. This is the second phase of the diet and can last anywhere from several weeks to many months. This brings with it its own problems in what you can eat, as you are restricted to a menu of 100 foods. Whilst this is challenging, it need not put you off, as there are many ways to make your meals more interesting and ensure you do not fall off the Dukan Diet in any way.

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase: How long does it last?

Hopefully when you started the Dukan Diet, you had a target weight in mind. This may be the weight you feel comfortable at or a weight that is ideal for your height and build. During the first phase, you will have lost several pounds. In my case, I lost 6lbs over five days, which really spurred me on to continue onto the cruise phase. My target weight loss is 28lbs, so I need to remain on the cruise phase until I lose a further 22lbs. As I am seeing a regular weight loss of 3lbs per week, I’ll stay on the cruise phase for approximately two months.

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase: Help! I’m running out of things to eat

The cruise phase is a diet where one day you eat pure proteins and the next you add vegetables to your diet. Alternatively, you can eat pure proteins for five days and then a further five days of eating proteins and vegetables. You must choose whichever option works for you.

I selected the alternate days way of eating but after a week, I was starting to run out of new things to eat. There are only so many meals where you can eat a plateful of ham before you start craving variety. That is when I discovered the Dukan Diet Recipe book. This is a must for anyone on the Dukan Diet as it opens your eyes to the sheer variety of things you can do with 100 different foods.

Instead of having a plate of chicken for dinner, I now have chicken curry which is simple to make and tasty to eat. The meal combines chicken with onions, fat-free yoghurt and a multitude of spices. Alternatively, I can have the exotic sounding Vietnamese shaking beef. I marinate small cubes of beef for 30 minutes in a mixture of soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger and pepper before pan-frying it in garlic on a high heat for 15 seconds and there I have a tasty pure protein meal that has taken me no time to prepare and cook.

When I started the cruise phase of the diet, I was in high spirits as I had lost several pounds but as the weeks progress, the idea of a diet restricted to 100 food types made me lose heart. However, discovering the recipe book with its wealth of ideas has given me new focus and a renewed desire to see the cruise phase of the Dukan Diet to the end.

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