Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet: Consolidation Phase Five Top Tips

The consolidation phase of the Dukan Diet is the third stage of the diet plan. By the time you reach this phase, you will have attained your target weight. As you move into the consolidation phase, you may be tempted to revert to your old habits so below we provide a few tips to ensure you continue on your weight loss journey.

1.  Don’t forget you are still on a diet. It may be tempting to think that now you are not losing weight, you are no longer on a diet. You must not think this way. The first two phases of the Dukan Diet were about getting you to your target weight. This phase, which may last months, is about consolidating that weight loss and teaching your body not to go back to its old habits and regain the pounds you lost.

2. Plan your meals in advance and discover new recipes. Now more than ever you need to plan your meals in advance. The extended food choices available to you give you more variety and more options in terms of recipes. Start experimenting with your meals. Go online to check out recipe recommendations for this phase of the diet.

3. Don’t forget the oat bran. If you thought eating oat bran every day was just a requirement of the attack and cruise phases of the diet, then you are mistaken. You need to maintain your daily intake of oat bran, increasing the quantity to two tablespoons a day. Don’t forget you can have it as a galette, with yoghurt or you can make muffins, pancakes and a host of other desserts with it.

4. Don’t go overboard with your celebration meals. It may be tempting to eat far too much of your favourite foods when you have your celebration meals but that isn’t a wise course of action. Remember: you do not want to return to your previous weight, so enjoy your celebration meals but eat them in moderation and only ever have one serving.

5. Eat slowly and think about what you are eating. Concentrate on what you are eating and savour every mouthful. This will not only make your meals tastier but will also make you feel fuller sooner. Try to avoid eating your meals whilst doing other activities such as watching the TV. You need to fully concentrate on what you are eating to get the full benefit. Remember: you do not want to go back to your old habits, as they are the reason you piled on the pounds in the first place.

You should congratulate yourself for making it this far on the diet. The next step is probably just as tough as the previous steps but for different reasons. You are about to move into a new chapter of your life that will change your eating habits for a lifetime. Make a commitment to stick to the consolidation phase of the Dukan Diet so that you can remain at your current weight permanently.

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