Dukan Diet

An Overview of the Dukan Diet Stabilisation Phase

The Dukan Diet stabilisation phase is the fourth and final step in the diet plan.  By the time dieters have reached this phase, they will have lost all the weight they need to lose and will have gone through a period of consolidation to learn new habits so that the weight does not return. But why do you need a stabilisation phase and why is it so important?

Dukan Diet Stabilisation Phase: Why?

There are four distinct phases on the Dukan Diet. The first phase, attack, is about shocking the body into losing weight and giving you the encouragement to continue with the diet. The cruise phase sees you through to your target weight whilst the consolidation phase is about teaching your body not to regain the weight it lost. However, there is still the likelihood that you will regain your lost weight unless you change your lifestyle. You need to incorporate a number of good habits within your day-to-day life to ensure your body does not put on weight again. This is what the stabilisation phase is about.

Dukan Diet Stabilisation Phase: What?

The stabilisation phase is a lifelong commitment to staying at your target weight. However, Dr Pierre Dukan realises that for people to adhere to this phase, the rules cannot be strict. He has devised four simple rules that will allow you to eat whatever you want without putting on weight.

1. Base your meals around the foods from the consolidation phase. You can eat as much protein and vegetables as you desire, plus a piece of fruit a day, two slices of wholemeal bread a day, a piece of cheese, two portions of starchy foods per week and two celebration meals per week. This will provide you with a healthy diet with lots of variety so that you will not be tempted to return to your bad habits.

2. Stick to a protein only day once a week. You should already be familiar with Protein Thursdays so make it a part of your weekly routine. It will give your body a boost and will remind you of how far you have come and how much weight you have lost.

3. Exercise every day even if it is only a walk or taking the stairs rather than the lift. Keep active and you will not put on weight.

4. Keeping eating the oat bran. You are now allowed three tablespoons of oat bran a day. Try different ways of eating it rather than as a galette or with yoghurt.

If you stick to these four rules, then you will remain at your target weight for life.

The fourth chapter of the diet plan is as important as the first chapter. Initially, you need to lose weight, and then ensure your body does not put it back on again before setting yourself on the path to make sure you remain at your target weight permanently. The stabilisation phase of the Dukan Diet is a lifelong commitment to staying slim forever.

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